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Karnataka wakf scam runs into Rs 2 lakh crore; CM promises action |

Karnataka wakf scam runs into Rs 2 lakh crore; CM promises action |

The biggest scam in the history of India has been uncovered in Karnataka by the state minorities commission. The 7,500-page report on the wakf land encroachments in the state was on Monday submitted to the chief minister of Karnataka Mr. Sadananad Gowda. The CM has promised tough action against whoever involved in the scam and recovery of the wakf properties.

The panel was authorized in November last year to investigate the alleged wakf encroachments, after heavy pressure from media and Muslim community following complaints of illegal encroachments on the wakf land was reported from the Bidar district of the state.

The commission had done an extensive survey of the whole wakf properties of the state for the last 3 months. When it submitted its report on Monday it shocked not only Karnataka but the whole nation at large. According to the report more than 22,000 properties, measuring around 54,000 acres of land worth Rs 2 lakh crore of the Wakf Board have been embezzled by politicians, land mafia and wakf board members over the last decade in the Karnataka state.

After submitting the report the chairperson of the commission Mr. Anwar Manipaddy told the reporters, “I have submitted the report on the alleged Wakf Board land scam running into more than Rs 2 lakh crore to the Chief Minister which will be tabled on the floor of the Assembly. Apart from powerful politicians, and land mafia, several Wakf Board members, Wakf officials, middlemen have been involved in this scam. Misappropriation of Wakf land has taken place in city areas rather than in rural area nearly about 85 per cent of misappropriation has happened in city areas”

The report contains name of 38 politicians involved in the wakf scam, but the minorities commission chairman didn’t reveal their names but their names are expected to come up when the report is going to be tabled in the Assembly.

Mr Anwar Manipaddy said, "This has been done by the people of the community, leaders of the community, businessmen, and middlemen and various other people. No property of the Wakf board can be shared with anybody or sold or bought or anything. It should be used only for the benefit of the poor Muslims in particular or others in general. Once a property is made a Wakf property then it is going to be always remain a Wakf property. Wakf board officials cannot sold it, it is illegal if they are adhering to some compromise,"

The report states that the Wakf board functionaries helped transfer the land to private individuals and institutions over the last 11 years and that a major chunk of the property sold off illegally was in Bangalore, where land rates are highest.

The committee established that major irregularities took place between 2001 and 2012 in the transfer of government land to private parties through mutation. Mutation is a legal process through which the government land is transferred or sold to individuals, institutions, persons or firms after a proper verification of documents. This process was used and violated while transferring and selling of wakf land to private firms by the nexus of politicians, land mafia and wakf board members.

The report has made recommendations to the government for setting up a high-power committee to check corruption in the Wakf Board, and appointing a task force to repossess the Wakf properties which were sold illegally.

The chief minister of Karnataka Mr. Sadananda Gowda after getting the report assured Muslims of thorough probe in the wakf scam. He said, “As per the inquiry, property of the Wakf Board, worth two trillion rupees has been encroached. We will study the report in depth and on our part we will act in right sincerity. And we will ensure, not even an inch of the Wakf land will be misused. Those responsible for abuse of their powers, be they any vested interests or any high and mighty, none of them would be spared. Restoration of the grabbed property is our government's responsibility and soon, the action taken would be known to the people. I am amazed that the wakf land scam runs into Rs 2 lakh crore. We'll not spare anyone.”

The unearthing of wakf scandal by Karnataka minorities commission once again shows the plight of wakf properties which are meant to serve the poor Muslims. It showcases the negligence and corruption going on in the Wakf board not only in Karnataka but in the whole nation.


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Misuse and encroachment of Wakf properties in the State have caused a whopping Rs two-lakh crore loss to the exchequer, dwarfing the 2G spectrum scam, the Karnataka State Minorities Commission claimed on Monday.The Commission has ‘implicated’ almost all senior Muslim political leaders — most of them belonging to the Congress party — besides ‘indicting’ senior IAS, IPS and KAS officers.The Commission has blamed politicians, including Union Minister Mallikarjun Kharge, MPs Dharam Singh and K Rehman Khan; MLA R Roshan Baig, former Union minister C K Jaffer Sharief, Iqbal Ansari, M S Ansari (late), Azeez Sait (late), Hindasgeri; MLAs Tanveer Sait, N A Haris, Qamrul Islam; former MPs Suryavamshi, Iqbal Ahmed Saradgi, among others, for the loss. It recommended that the Centre amend the Wakf Act 1995 so that “persons who have misused, encroached upon and illegally occupied Wakf properties are banned from contesting elections/ nominations, including to Wakf institutions and Board”.It has also recommended criminal proceedings against those involved in the scam, and superseding of the Wakf Board by the government.The Commission, which took up its study on the subject in Bidar district in November last year, submitted the 7,000-odd page report to Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda on Monday. The report is titled ‘Study on the misuse and encroachment of Wakf properties in Bidar district’. Gowda said the government would ensure that the properties are recovered and the guilty punished.Karnataka Minorities Commission chairperson Anwar Manipaddy demanded that the report be placed before the Legislature.The total encroached land in Bidar is 1,803 acres (of 2,586 acres). Of the total estate value of Wakf properties worth Rs 410 lakh crore, properties worth Rs 2 lakh crore have been either encroached on or sold illegally. There are a total 33,741 registered properties in the State in 54,000 acres. The Commission, which conducted its study in other districts, also including Gulbarga, Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Ramanagaram and Koppal, has alleged misuse of properties, encroachments, illegal disposal, mismanagement and fraudulent acts committed by erstwhile heads of the Wakf Board, elected representatives, politicians and others.Manipaddy said his life was under threat. “I received threats from various quarters. The present Wakf Board chairperson Syed Riyaz Ahmed, who is absconding, too threatened me. In January, he offered me a bribe of Rs 4 crore.”Roshan Baig, Haris and Qamrul Islam, reacting to the report, said they were clueless how anyone could come to a conclusion that they were responsible for the misappropriate of Wakf properties. He said the government must order a CBI probe into the scam. Recommendations:Keep the Wakf Board under suspension for 12 months to enable probe by the Lokayukta; constitute Wakf Properties Task Force to retrieve properties; constitute a high-powered committee to work out modalities to run the Board in a transparent manner; suspend present committee for one year; Committee should have two senior IAS officers, one retired judge, two NGOs and three persons from the Minorities Commission; appoint IAS officer Rajaneesh Goel as head of the Task Force; take up land audit of Wakf properties; resume second survey by creating a Special Purpose Vehicle; remove encroachments; jail term of five to 10 years, plus fine of double the value of property encroached, sold or purchased illegally; institute criminal proceedings against those involved in the Hopcoms scam; suspend present chairman Abdul Riyaz Khan responsible for sale of Hopcoms land belonging to Dargah Hazrath Khaderi.Politicians, officials in dockPoliticians: Suryavamshi, former MP; Naseem Patel, land developer, local politician in Bidar; Iqbal Ahmed Saradgi, former MP; Mallikarjun Kharge, Union Minister; Dharam Singh, MP; Qamrul Islam, former minister, sitting MLA, member of Wakf Board; C M Ibrahim, former Union minister; Alhaj Syed Yaseen, MLA; Ashfaq Ahmed Chulbul, deputy mayor, Gulbarga; R Rahman Khan, MP; Syed Riyaz Ahmed – present chairman; Roshan Baig, former minister; N A Haris, MLA (his wife, mother); C K Jaffer Sharief – former Union minister; Azeez Sait, former minister; Tanveer Sait, president, Wakf institution; Iqbal Ansari, former minister; M S Ansari (late), former minister; Khalid Ahmed, former Board chairman; former minister Hindusgiri.Officials: Salahuddin, IAS; M F Pasha, Retd IPS; M A Khalid, Retd KAS; Mohammed Sanaulla, IAS; Maaz Ahmed Sheriff, KAS; Anees Siraj, KAS; Sadiya Sultana, KAS; M A Khalid, Retd KAS, Maaz Ahmed Sheriff, KAS.
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