Saturday, April 21, 2012

Halsbury's Laws of India - 1-45 vols Available with Butterworths-Wadhwa

All 45 volumes Available with Butterworths-Wadhwa at a discounted price, till 30th April 2012

  • HLI is written in a propositional style with an emphasis on plain English expression, making it concise and easy to read.
  • It is written by both practitioners and academics to ensure that readers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • The structure of HLI provides an efficient and convenient means to access the law.
  • Each volume is cross referenced extensively that links one area of law to another, across the various subject volumes.
  • HLI, being a legal encyclopedia divided subject wise, enables quick and comprehensive search on legal topics as it covers the entire spectrum of the law applicable to a topic.
  • HLI is not a section wise commentary on a statute, but is a tool providing interface between the various laws applicable to a practice area.
  • The HLI set is cross referenced extensively, thus all the facets of a legal issue get adequate coverage. For example, in the law relating to Damages, the actual issue of damages, its tortuous aspect and the procedural aspect under the procedural law, are discussed and interlinked with one another in three different titles viz Damages, Tort and Civil Procedure. This enables HLI to act as a definitive search tool and an indispensable aid to the legal practitioner.
  • HLI volume is a product of extensive research as each case and statute section is researched for accuracy of statement, case citation and case name.
  • HLI has the benefit of an editorial advisory board comprising legal luminaries like Justice Venkatachaliah, Lord Mustill, Fali Nariman, thus ensuring that HLI is a premium publication.

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