Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sweden vs. Assange

In December 2010 Sweden issued two international warrants for Julian Assange’s arrest. He has been detained without charge since.
Since August 2010, all discussions regarding the ’Swedish case’ have gravitated around the allegations against Julian Assange and whether the arrest orders have been procedurally correct, not whether the allegations are true.
Julian Assange is prevented from responding to the allegations and from giving his version of events. Julian Assange’s legal team by law cannot challenge the allegations on the facts of the case or through Julian Assange’s own version of events. Instead, the legal team is limited to challenging the validity of the European Arrest Warrant instrument on narrow, mainly procedural grounds.


Sweden has issued an extradition request for Julian Assange in connection with a preliminary investigation. He has not been indicted.
Julian Assange has been under house arrest since 7 December 2010 in Norfolk, England. He has an electronic tag and reports to police daily.

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