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Indian tops Oxford post-graduate law course - The Times of India

Indian tops Oxford post-graduate law course - The Times of India:

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BANGALORE: An alumnus of National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, topped in Oxford University's postgraduate programme.

Niranjan V, a Rhodes scholar, had opted forBachelor of Civil Law course. He beat 150 classmates to top in, what he said, is one of the most "demanding programmes in the world". He topped in three of the four courses, including Conflict of Law, Restitution, Personal Taxation and Law of Evidence.

"It was lot of hard work, but enjoyable nonetheless. The course is so well taught that even the enormous workload becomes a pleasure. I was happy with my choice, it was what I wanted to do. It did not feel like an ordeal. I came down to India only once for 10 days during Christmas. The rest of the vacation was spent in studying," Niranjan told TOI from Chennai.

The result was a pleasant surprise for Niranjan. He learnt about his result after he returned to India. "The stint there was absolutely incredible. It was an intellectual exhilaration. You learn each subject in detail and in much depth. It's not just policy-oriented law, but what a barrister interested in litigation would want to read. I interacted with the best minds in the field there, like Lord Hoffmann,'' he said.

Niranjan had always dreamt of studying litigation in Oxford for the university's close relationship to litigation. "There is an inexplicable joy in arguing law. Litigation is an area where one gets to deal with legal reasoning. Every time you get a case, you can make legal arguments that have not been made before," said Niranjan, who participated in moots at NLSIU. He is grateful to NLSIU which helped him build a 'great' platform. "I was already exposed to some aspects of English law at NLSIU. I had a strong base. At Oxford, people are familiar with NLSIU as every year there are Rhodes scholars from the institute," he said.

Niranjan, son of a chartered accountant, is working under a senior advocate in the Madras high court and thoroughly enjoying it.

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