Monday, February 21, 2011

Words of Advice for law aspirants - News From TOI

NAGPUR: Supreme Court judge Vikas Sirpurkar on Saturday called on lawyers and students to become research oriented to succeed in today's fast changing world. He was speaking at the late Vijay Bhonde memorial guest lecture on the premises of Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court. The lecture was part of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Law College's ninth Justa Causa festival.

SC judge Ashok Ganguly, Nagpur University vice chancellor Vilas Sapkal, former NU law dean Thrity Patel and principal Vibha Mahajan shared the dais.

"Merely wearing black coats and tearing into a witness or arguing with judges is not law practice. Doing continuous research on various laws and judgments is good practice," Sirpurkar said. Commenting on the duties of law aspirants, he said today's students had great potential. "Law is changing everyday. Till recently, we had never heard of monopoly legislation, or that waves can also become someone's property."

Sirpurkar, who is an alumnus of Dr Ambedkar Law College, urged teachers to review the verdicts delivered by judges and explain them to students. "After we deliver a verdict, the lawyers don't argue as our decision is final. But for teachers, any decision should not be the final verdict. They should dissect the verdicts like a surgeon examines his patient. If teachers start accepting everything the courts say, the law would stop developing," he warned.

Recalling the old days, he lauded former chief justice of India Vivian Bose's efforts to develop law in the country, terming him as a beacon. "He was like god for us. But his simplicity always inspired me. His rulings were landmark and crisp, and are cited till date. There was no scope for confusion in his verdicts. When he was presiding over, he used to deliver judgments based on his interpersonal skills and used to convince litigants."

Citing justice Bose's ruling in Vira Singh case, the former Nagpur bench judge said he protected the rights of the common man. "Had he been living today, he would have vociferously pursued duties in jurisprudence. We must all follow our fundamental duties," he said, revealing that justice Bose was also a big magician and used to undertake shows in schools.

Justice Ganguly, who is presently hearing India's biggest scam case - 2G Spectrum scam - involving former telecom minister A Raja, also deliberated on justice Bose's judgments. Justice Ganguly said that verdicts delivered by justice Bose were remarkably modern and protected the common man.

Terming law as an important tool for social engineering, Ganguly, who was formerly chief justice of Orissa High Court, praised the efforts of late Bhonde, who was vice principal of Dr Ambedkar Law College, for taking law from the confines of four walls to daily life. "Today, rule of law has become rule of life, and persons like late Bhonde made pioneering efforts in this direction."

He described Nagpur as the city of legal lights. 

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