Saturday, February 26, 2011

‘Society has accepted corruption’ - J. Santosh Hegde - DNA

Karnataka lokayukta and former supreme court judge, Santosh Hegde, on Wednesday advocated the need to have a common legislation for anti-corruption ombudsmen in all states and constitutional recognition to the position.
Speaking on ‘Empowered Lokayukta and accountability in governance’ at the Symbiosis Law School, Hegde said the Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984, can be taken as the role model to bring uniformity.
He stressed that the younger generation should be given the responsibility to change the corrupt system. “Corruption has creeped into every profession and is not restricted itself to government, administration or politics. Unfortunately, society has accepted corruption as a way of life. It has ceased to discriminate between legitimate and illegitimate,’’ he said.
The eminent anti-corruption crusader bemoaned the fall in the values and said, “Society has accepted the unacceptable and thus the need to have Lokayuktas has arisen. There are two forms of corruption — the one who accepts it and the one who gives it.’’
“The law has failed to recognise that if an official does not perform his/her duty well, then that too, amounts to corruption,” he said.
Hegde said the discussion on whether there should be a joint parliamentary committee or a parliamentary accounts committee to probe various scams is appropriate and the people have the right to know about the scams.

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