Saturday, July 18, 2009

Interview with Karnataka Lokayukta Chief Justice K N Santosh Hegde - Express Buzz

How many times have you unearthed less than you expected from raids ?
How do you handle the officials-
How do they and their family members behave?
Are there any anecdotes you can share with us?
— P N Nayak, Belgaum

There are many instances when we had information which we believed to be true that officers we were raiding had much more than what we could unearth during the raid. I get a feeling that the corrupt officers are now well prepared and expect the raid any time. Therefore, these days, it is very difficult to confiscate cash and excessive jewellary. It is also possible that illegally acquired cash has a ready made market amongst builders, movie makers and other type of speculative trader as hand loan, hence these officer do not keep cash at home.

But it is difficult to hide documents pertaining to immovable properties because copies of the same is available in registration offices. Information gathering is a very long and tedious procedure. Before a raid is conducted our officers will have to gather correct information with great difficulty. There are instances of seeking sympathy from the raiding staff or being aggressive or abusive. But the raiding officers are normally well trained to deal with the situations. I have known instances when the officials whose house are being raided having jumped over the compound wall and run away to resist arrest along with incriminating documents.
There was an instance when a high ranking officer had managing to take a brief case and hide it in the neighbour’s house, which came to our knowledge two days after our raid. There are many instances of peculiar conducts of corrupt officers. To mention a few, there was one officer who had purchased new shirts and continue to wear till it stinks and thrown it away. The raiding party in that case also found nearly Rs 50,00,000 in small bundles and in envelopes carelessly scattered in a bed room as if money is a small amount not to be taken care of. Recently we had an instance when we found an officer in possession of 20 brand new designer suits and over 600 shirts and trousers and 27 watches.

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