Sunday, July 5, 2009

Career Options for a Lawyer...

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"The good news is, you can do anything with a law degree. The bad news is, you can do anything with a law degree." A legal education is broadly applicable to many fields. Lawyers have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, award-winning journalists, and television celebrities (or the talent agents who represent them). But this sheer breadth of choice also makes the process of settling upon an alternate career path that much harder.

According to Mantis, the process of figuring out an alternative career can take months, maybe even half a year. Before deciding to move on from law, think about whether there is something else you might want to do within the legal profession. It could be that one legal job that isn't a good fit is tainting your view of the entire field. Don't jump too quickly; take the time to think through all your options.

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