Saturday, August 9, 2008

Law as a Profession

Lawyers are held in high esteem in every society. Besides being lucrative, it is an adventurous and exciting career. There is wide scope in Law/Legal Profession. There is a growing demand for Law Professionals everywhere due to the changing economic and social scenario all over the world.

Career options:
After obtaining the necessary degree (LLB/LLM), and registering with the local State Bar council to be able to practice the law graduates can choose to work for Private practice (civil/criminal) or any jobs.

Depending on the interest, one can choose from the following list of areas of practice
• Company cases
• Labor disputes
• Family cases
• Tax cases
• Appeals and writs in High Courts and Supreme Court
• Consumer matters
• Insurance matters
• Rent matters
• Providing opinions in Bank matters
• Consultations for civil and criminal cases
It is a bit difficult in the beginning to establish one’s self in practice. After certain years of practice, he/she may apply for the post of Public Prosecutor/ Government Pleader or go for Judicial Service (Judges/Magistrates). All government, banks and other financial institutions/ private institutions employ legal personnel to take care of their organization related litigations.

Present Trend and Need
The current trend that is the era of globalization, liberalization and privatization, all contracts, agreements and other terms and conditions between the parties are legally documented. Hence, all organizations would require Legal Firms /Advocates for documentations (drafting/vetting) and other related works. Lawyers/Advocates play an important role in organizations that opt for Arbitration and Conciliation proceedings for speedy settlement of disputes.

Many Legal Firms deal with the Registration of Trade mark, copyright and patenting new products. The litigation in the regime of Intellectual Property Rights experiences an increasing rate both at national and international level.
Like BPO's, there are LPO's (Legal Process Outsourcing) which recruit law graduates. ( a centre for LPO training- you can look for the details of LPO)

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