Monday, October 6, 2014

Right to Repair - The Concept

The Cars these days have to be taken to the specific Brand Service centre, and you are literally at their mery of their Monopolistic Trade Practices.
These are the Scenarios in a Monopolistic Car Market:
  • "We owned a Honda CRV which we had to take to the dealer to find out what was wrong. The dealer charged us $100 to look at it and tell us we needed a new $3,400.00 transmission. They said it would be dangerous to drive it away. We took it to a transmission guy who fixed it for $80.00!!!! [...]" 
  • "Consumers need to have a good look at this and understand how convenient it could be to have a qualified local repair facility perform work on their vehicles. For instance in most cases when entering a dealership for repairs a service writer will take your information and then PUFF your car is gone into space. [...]"
  • "i own a 2000 volvo that ran fine but the service ligt was on and i needed a master key for the trunk , when i took it to the dealer i got a key for 90.00 and they told me the service light was on because of the electronic module for the shifter and [...]" "First let me say I have never been moved to action on a bill until today. As an owner of a (2008 A6 Audi) I scheduled service for 3 basic items and one intermittent issue with AM/FM radio reception that I asked to be looked at. The items, you ask? Oil change, battery in my [...]"
  • "I would like to ask you to support the “Right to Repair” legislation….I love my local mechanic, and trust him to do what is right for my car. As Massachusetts “patriots”, we deplore the attempt to remove another RIGHT, another FREEDOM!! Please stand with us!!!"
  • "My wifes car (1998 Subaru Forester) had a failed water pump, and ABS light on . I called the Subaru dealer and was told the Timing belt had to be changed as well as H2o pump as the pump is behind the belt: Water pump= $500.00 Timing belt $700 to $800 depending if they had [...]"
  • "Took my Subaru in for a check-up. It had a flat tire and the dealership tried to charge me double the tire cost!"
  • "Our 2001 VW Eurovan has had a running problem for some time. We got a free diagnoses from a VW dealer in the mail and decided to take advantage. The result was a number of faults indicating major engine internal repair and timing chain replacements as “only the beginning of problems” that would result in [...]"
Here comes the Need to assert our "Right to Repair"

Right to Repair, is a name for several related proposed bills in the United States Congress and several state legislatures which would require automobile manufacturers to provide the same information to independent repair shops as they do for dealer shops. Versions of the bill have generally been supported by independent repair and after-market associations and generally opposed by auto manufacturers and dealerships. Since first introduced at the federal level in 2001, no version of the legislation has become law, until the Massachusetts legislature passed H. 4362, a Right to Repair bill on July 31, 2012.

Subsequent to bill passage the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, Coalition for Auto Repair Equality, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association for Global Automakers signed a Memorandum of Understanding that is based on the Massachusetts law and which would commit the vehicle manufacturers to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts law in all fifty states.

Global Right to Repair

The European Union has passed Right to Repair and an aggressive effort is currently underway in Canada. Right to repair is clearly a global issue whose time has come.

What Right to Repair Does:

Reaffirms the owners’ right to repair their automobile and keep their families safe.
Promotes consumer safety by allowing owners or their auto technicians’ access to the computers that control the systems and components that affect the safe operation of their automobiles.
Permits owners to choose the repair shop and the replacement parts to service and maintain their vehicles.
Authorizes the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to promulgate regulations to protect consumers and to promote competition in auto maintenance and repair. 

What It Does Not Do

It does not take a manufacturer’s intellectual property.
It does not affect the dealer’s warranty agreement with the vehicle manufacturers.
It does not require manufacturers to disclose manufacturing processes or trade secrets. About The Right to Repair Act

The Right to Repair Act is bipartisan legislation that would require automakers to provide the same service information and tools to independent auto and maintenance shops, as well as to consumers, that the automaker dealership service centers receive.

Right to Repair legislation does not attempt to restrict motorists from choosing car dealerships, it simply ensures that vehicle owners have a choice when deciding where to take their vehicles for repairs and what parts are best to use in maintaining their vehicles. The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association and the Coalition for Auto Repair Equality urge Congress to support the Right to Repair Act to give consumers a choice and keep repair costs down. It's the right thing to do for consumers, for business and the economy.

Now that India too is crowded with foreign Brands of specialized Cars, its high time, We, The People, demand our Right to Repair.

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