Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kerala’s Startup Village gets 1GBPS internet Connection, 2nd in the World

Kerala’s Startup Village gets 1GBPS internet Connection, 2nd in the World:


While most other places in India struggle to get a decent 1 mbps connections, Kerala’s Startup Villagehas become only the 2nd place in the world to get a whooping 1 GBPS internet line. The only other place that has 1 GBPS connectivity is Google sponsored Startup Village in Kansas City, USA, which was launched last year and is part of Google Fibre Network.

Startup Village, based out of Kochi in Kerala is India’s first Public Private Partnership model Technology Business Incubator for product startups.

To give you a perspective of what speed a 1 GBPS internet connectivity can deliver – you can watch over 200 HD movies streaming online simultaneously or download the entire HD movie in less than 30 seconds.
How has it been possible?

Startup Village being located at Kochi, gives it a distinct advantage – There are 2 undersea cables (used for internet backbone) that terminate at Kochi that allowed quick procurement of High-Speed internet connectivity.

Kochi Startup Village Chairman said “Startup Village aims to build the elements of a world class tech ecosystem to realize the dream of a Silicon Coast in India. Apart from 100% teledensity and literacy, the submarine landing station at Kochi creates a perfect backdrop to try this ambitious pilot to effectively change the tech start-up policies in India to be at par with Silicon Valley”.

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