Thursday, June 21, 2012

BCI Resolution: Lawyers must renew Bar License every 5 years

The Bar Council of India has on June 1, 2012 passed a resolution making it compulsory for all lawyers to renew sanads (license to practice) every five years, reports TOI.

Bar & Bench spoke to BCI Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra. He confirmed that the BCI has made it mandatory for the lawyers to renew their licenses every five years. All the lawyers are required to renew their licenses within 6 months from the date of passing of the resolution i.e. June 1, 2012. Mishra also said that a minimum fee of Rs. 600 will be charged every 5 years out of which Rs. 200 will go to the BCI and the remaining will go to the State Bar Councils.

Mishra, talking about the reason for this decision, said, “A large number of lawyers enroll with the bar councils and then later get involved in other private services, businesses etc. Therefore, this renewal process will help us keep a check on such lawyers and maintain a record of all lawyers”.

Mishra also told that the State Bar Councils are also facing lot of difficulty in implementing the various welfare schemes for practicing lawyers

Mishra further said, “It has been reported to BCI that 5-10 percent of lawyers practicing in various courts hold fake law degrees. This will help us eliminate such fake lawyers”.

As per this resolution, advocates will be required to furnish their details on a performa. Advocates are required to fill up Application form for Renewal prescribed by the BCI in two copies. One copy of the same should be furnished to the State Bar Council and one copy should be sent to the BCI.

Recently, the BCI has also proposed to construct a new BCI web-portal to provide online database of law students, teachers and institutions imparting legal education in the country. According to the BCI, if law students and teachers are registered with the BCI through the proposed web-portal, fake degree holders will not be able to enroll themselves on the Rolls of State Bar Councils.

BCI Resolution: Lawyers must renew Bar License every 5 years:

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