Friday, November 19, 2010

International Law of Drones - From "Legalperspectives"

Viewed in multi-dimensional perspective, law follows the society. This proposition stands affirmed with the law being examined as a tool of social regulation and thus requiring adaptation such as to meet the changed social dynamics. Thus law evolves along with the evolution of law. A recent article entitled "The International Law of Drones" published by Mary Ellen O╩╝Connell under the aegis of American Society of International Law in this context "surveys the international law applicable to the recent innovation of weaponizing drones". Tracing the rise of drones and particularly 'attack drones' in recent times, the paper goes on to explore the need for 'special rules for drones' under International law.

In all, the paper provides interesting insights in the law-making process which culminates into rules of international standards and thus international law itself in the context of this new-found weapon of destruction. While the paper concludes that "drones have not created a revolution in legal affairs" and that "the current rules governing battlefield launch vehicles are adequate for regulating resort to drones", the paper does advocate further research to be undertaken in order

to understand the psychological effects of deploying unmanned vehicles and the effects on drone operators of sustained, close visual contact with the aftermath of drone attacks". In all, an insightful discussion.

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