Monday, September 27, 2010

ALMT sets up Delhi corp practice with Luthra’s Vineet Aneja

Former Luthra & Luthra and FoxMandal Little partner Vineet Aneja has now joined ALMT Legal to start up the firm’s office in Delhi.
Aneja will set up ALMT’s fourth office at the Incube Centre at Nehru Place with his long-standing team of associates Surbhi Gupta, Mohit Sharma and Vikram Bhargava.
Aneja, who resigned from Luthra & Luthra earlier this month saying he wanted to pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities, having joined a year ago from FoxMandal, toldLegally India: “This is the kind of role which I had been looking at which gives me the ability and opportunity to lead and set up an office in Delhi.”
“It’s going to be a corporate practice and then slowly and slowly we’ll try to add on litigation in the near future,” he added.
The office was around 2,400 square feet large, said Aneja, which would mean that even today he could expand to a size of 10 lawyers adding that he hoped to reach a size of around 10 to 15 lawyers within the first year of operation.
ALMT partner S R Arun said that Delhi is one of the largest and fastest growing commercial centres in India and the world and was an exciting new phase for ALMT.
ALMT is an all-equity partnership and Aneja (pictured) will be its 18th partner, with Delhi being its fourth office following London, Mumbai and Bangalore.
In June 2009 ALMT inked a best-friend relationship with UK firm Clyde & Co and in April of this year bolted on an infrastructure projects practice with India Law Services partner Ishtiaq Ali.
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