Sunday, July 25, 2010

People you will come across in a Law School. -

This post is written to provide a cynical view of the categories of people one comes across in a Law School.
1. The Making Contacts Specialists: These people love to volunteer at moots, Conferences and other academic activities organized by their colleges. You will then find them going on a socializing spree at such gatherings. They start with chatting up seniors and gradually make their way to academicians/Advocates/Judges. They use all devices to make an impression ranging from flattery, humour, wit, knowledge.
2. I am a Mooter so Mankind ought to grovel at my feet” type: As the name suggests these people have their heads in the clouds. They make up the elite class in any law school. Students might hate them, be in awe of them but absolutely no one can ignore them because they make sure of that. In my very personal opinion such people have taken a break from reality and are in need of help.
3. The Schemers: “Usko mere se accha moot kaise mila??? :-o Maine toh Moot Court Committee ke har member se dosti kar rakhi thi!! Meet the schemers. They have remarkable clairvoyance regarding who can be of what help to them. Therefore their every action is guided by an ulterior motive. They set their goals not according to their own abilities but according to what people around them are doing. If their friend does one moot they have to do two, if he has written two papers; they have to write three. So their entire time goes in plotting/scheming.
4. Mera baap lawyer/Judge hai” type: At times when everybody is anxiously sending hundreds of emails in the hope that they land a good internship; these people casually click ‘send’ on one mail addressed to their “Daddies” and Lo and behold they land an internship with the best law firm or the CJI even, just like that. Well to these lot I would just like to quote Plutarch It is indeed a desirable thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors, not to us”. Therefore it would be nice of them to seek glory on their own sometime too and not because unka baap lawyer/judge hai.
5. “I have an opinion on everything” type: It’s good to have your own opinion regarding issues, provided you don’t force every poor soul you come across to listen to your opinion. But this is exactly what this kind takes pleasure in doing. The hapless soul has no choice expect to listen meekly. And God forbid if “I have an opinion on everything “comes across another “I have an opinion on everything” then their tirade just never ends.
6. The Use and Throw type: As soon as you land a good moot/an awesome internship/a good post in a committee you find yourself surrounded by them. Once you provide them with help regarding the moot/information on how to go about getting the internship/do their work in the committee they vanish from your life .Hence the name Use and throw type for them. To them also I would like to quote Plutarch (Yes yes you guessed it right .I am a fan of Plutarch) “We ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household belongings, which when worn with use we throw away”.
7. The Lost Ones: These are ‘I have no clue what I am doing in the law school’ ones. When these people joined law school they had a vision. Some wanted to serve the society; others wanted to fight for human rights/women rights/etc. But five years in law school leave them disillusioned.
8. The Good Ones: Err...Now do they even exist in a law school? :-o

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