Friday, May 28, 2010

An Interesting Find - Instant Indian Online Divorce Papers, Rs.4,508-00 Do it Yourself Divorce Forms.

An Interesting Find on the Net that sounds more Competition for the Lawyers practicing in India. Instant Indian Online Divorce Papers, Rs.4,508. Do it Yourself Divorce Forms.

Get a complete Indian Premium Uncontested Divorce for what you would pay for the first hour of legal fees!

Now Rs.4,508
Reg. Rs.10,050
Limited Time Only!

Here's how it works:

Enter your information in our easy online agreement and filing forms.

Click... your complete divorce agreement and filing forms are instantly created for you.

Print your documents to file them with the divorce court in your jurisdiction.

It's that simple !

A Sample Divorce Form onthe site - here

FAQs :-

Q: Will this site work for my country?

A:   Yes. guides you to generate your Property Settlement Agreement, specifying how to handle the issues of your divorce - and Child Care Plan (if you have children). This portion of our site will apply throughout India.
Then, you are linked to your court filing forms for completing your divorce. The filing forms are specific to the different religious groups within India.  
The site also generates a spreadsheet, listing  the division of your assets and liabilities and  financial disclosure forms for you and your spouse that are required by the Court.

Some more FAQs on the site....

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