Saturday, June 27, 2009

Google in Legal Wrangle Over Blog

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Google has earned the ire of the Bombay High Court for not controlling defamatory content posted in its blogs against cardiologist Ashwin Mehta. The latter had moved the Bombay High Court reacting against 20 Google blogs that allegedly defamed him.

The Bombay High Court had advised Google to remove the reported blogs and prevent such incidents in the future.

Google India, in turn, approached the Bombay HC for relief saying it was not in a position to control the content published in blogs.

Srikant Doijode, legal counsel for Google India, said, "The blogging site is managed by Google, U.S. Even if there is an order restraining such blogs, it cannot do anything. Google India does not have any responsibility for the content of the blog. We (Google India) are not a party to the agreement between Google and those who use the blog."

The Google counsel, however, added that if there is any defamatory content that the court wanted removed the same would be done.

The final hearing in the case is scheduled for July 7.


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