Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BHOOMI - E-Governance project of Government of Karnataka

Land records form the basis for assignment and settlement of land titles. These records must stand the test of legal scrutiny. Land is a very precious source and the land Records system must safeguard the rights of the legal owner of the land.

The importance of land and land record in affecting people's livelihood is an indisputable fact. Issues of land rights not only raise legal complexities but also have socio-economic dimensions. If the State has to address these questions a sound land information management system has to be put in place because information is the key to power.

Under this prestigious Bhoomi E-Governance project of the Government all 20 million land records of 6.7 million land owners in 176 taluks of Karnataka have been computerised. This system works with the software called "BHOOMI" designed fully in-house by National Informatics Center. While the project is largely funded by Government of India; some critical components of this project are funded by State Government.

Important Features of BHOOMI

"Bhoomi" is a very comprehensive software designed by NIC. This software provides for printing of land records as and when required. It incorporates process of online updation to ensure that the RTCs provided to the farmers is in sync with the time. The manual land records in operationalised taluks have been declared illegal. All the mutations to the land records database are done on the computer itself so as to ensure that data on computer remain current with time.

It incorporates the state of the art bio-logon metrics system from Compaq, which authenticates various users on the Bhoomi software on the basis of fingerprints. This ensures that no body can hack the system by imitating other users. The replacement of password security system by fingerprint authentication system would go a long way to ensure that database are free from any hacking and that the non-repudiation system is in place. This software also has the provision of scanning of original mutation orders of the revenue inspector (who is the authorised person to pass orders in the mutations in the field) and notices served on interested parties. Both documents are scanned to ensure that not only responsibility can be fixed on Officials by showing the original documents signed by them but also to ensure that the intestered particies do not claim in the court that they were not served with the notice before effecting the mutation.

The software enables the administrators to generate various reports based on type of soil, land holding size, type of crops grown etc. This information would enable administrators to take informed policy decision.

High Lights of Bhoomi

Fully online system to carry out mutations on land records data.

Finger print biometrics authentication to ensure fool proof authentication system and to enforce the concept of non-repudiation.

Facility to scan the field mutation order passed by revenue authorities and the notice served on the public.

Land record centre in each taluk office for public interface.

Syncronises with the regular field work done by Village Accountants and Revenue Inspector.

Provision for interfacing of Touch Screen Kiosk at taluk office.

First in First in mutation process thereby eliminating any favourism

The above features would help in bringing total transparency in land records administration with added advantage of security and reliability.

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