Sunday, July 6, 2008

Demand for additional sessions court at Yellapur

Presently the session's court is situated at Karwar, the district headquarters. The people of upgaht taluks of Yellapur, Sirsi, Siddapur, Mundgod and Haliyal complain that Karwar is too far a place for them. They have to travel 100 to 200 km to reach Karwar for court work. This would be a waste of time and money. The people of Yellapur point out that there were instances of shifting the session's court from Karwar to Yellapur temporarily during May and June. They said that Yellapur is 50-70 km away from the headquarters of each upgaht taluk. As such, it serves as a central place for all these taluks. Already there are JMFC and Civil Courts (Junior and Senior) at Yellapur. Hence, it had all the facilities to have an additional session's court.

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